Best Way To Cook a Ribeye.

Since my last post got derailed fast, I am posting this again.

  1. Leave steaks out for 30 minutes + to warm up and reach room temperature.
  2. Preheat grill with every burner on max. Get the grill hot before you put the steaks on.
  3. Season to taste. I prefer salt and pepper or a salty marinade with garlic and onion.
  4. Sear the steaks on max heat for one minute on each side (time may vary depending on your grill.)
  5. Open the grill. Turn down the burners to minimum.
  6. Cook steaks for 2-4 minutes on each side depending on grill heat and how you want it done.

Let it rest for 5 minutes before serving.

My rib-eyes are the best.

For bonus points, saute some mushrooms and/or onions in butter for more flavor. With a good ribeye they are usually not needed.

Edit: I just watched a vid on an easy way to do a sous vide steak where you put the steak in your dishwasher in a vacuum sealed bag and then cook it on high heat (step 4) and might try it.

never sous vide a steak

Jesus Christ just buy a Joule.

Also gas grills are for nerds who can't charcoal. If you can't charcoal, just use a cast iron pan. When you use a cast iron pan you can make a sauce with the fond and also baste the steak while it cooks.

It has its place.

Why buy another machine that I might never use? I am talking about an experiment where I throw a pre-packaged chunk of meat into my dishwasher. It sounds so easy, and it might be good.

There's the ghetto cooler method too. I'd try that before a dish washer. I've heard of making hard-boiled eggs in a dish washer without soap of course, but sadly I know how boil water and wait an allotted amount of time.

Lol try with eye round or something, fudge it


What is the ghetto cooler method?

I plan on cooking several steaks on July 4th weekend. I want to try at least one in the dishwasher. As an experiment.

Sous vide is basically cooking a steak at low temp for a long time while vacuum wrapped. What is the difference between an expensive device and one I already own?

Heating water to desired internal temp of the meat you wanna cook, then putting it in an insulated container (i.e. cooler). You wait about 2 hours and you're good.
Google for better instructions.

I bought microwave cook books that were written in the late 70s. If you want I can type up some recipes from them.
Never tried them my self but I'm curious. Like how I click on isis videos curious.

OK thx. But I will be using the dishwasher anyways so I will try it despite your protests.

Hope youre not using prime or better beef :clap:

BTW is your eye looking any better?

Nope, neither is my face, faace is getting worse.
Eye exam next week tho

The eye thing takes time but it will go away. The face thing might be a while too. God bless.

I know a girl from Boston who said she would marry me if I cooked her the best steak she ever had.
Want her number?

How well off is she? Looking to be a house husband as a backup if my career plans don't work out.

She was looking for the same thing. But she wants to stay at home and crank out babies while the grad she married brings home the bacon. That's why I didn't cook her the steak.

Not my type

Thank u tho