Better Director?

  • Quentin Tarantino
  • Martin Scorsese

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It would be interesting to see Tarantino direct a movie that he didn't write. Or vice-versa.

Goodfellas and gangs of new York both had a great first half then just sputtered out

I'm not a huge Tarantino fan either

woah man goodfellas is pretty good

goodfellas was very good, i dont think i cared for the very end but only seen it once

Well Squarepusher never made a vid out of a Tarantino flick so Marty takes it

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pulp friction tho

ive never seen it still

if im being honest i think i enjoyed the first half of gangs of new york more than any tarantino film except like the scenes with the nazi guy in inglorious basterds and brad pitt saying arribederchi


ill have to check that out


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I didn't like his outfit

And putting cocaine in a punch bowl probably isn't very viable at all.

  • Kurosawa
  • Bergman

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  • Lynch
  • Kubrick

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I dont know who any of these people are

oh cmon im the only one rly

I think it's close but ikiru tips it over