Beyond The Summit closing.

Good news. Feel bad for the guys at BTS at the same time they threw NA under the bus and hid behind some bullshit altruism. Just when I'm coming back to NA

Yet plasma still standing

BTS is the latest high-profile casualty in an ongoing wave of shutdowns and layoffs across the esports industry due to the worsening global economic situation.

Who woulda thought fully establishing in SoCal would be fiscally irresponsible

Maybe like 5-10% the reason they folded

bubble pop

this happened because beyond the summit never ran a marvel vs capcom 2 event

rip to bed bath & beyond as well

Yup and plasma still standing

@Sammyboy hey Jew remember when i said u wqsent worth a happymeal.

I was right

I joke but Spending is probably 100% the reason

Unless you think the reason you're around and they aren't isn't because You spend $100 or more on your shit in the same timespan they'd spend 50k or more

That's exactly why lolololololol