Bible Study

20 minutes is where it gets good.

Not my favorite flavor of Jesus but definitely a refreshing one

Whoa this video goes on to a lot more stuff than just Bible passages.
Is this persona youth pastor or something? Twitch on mobile is hard to navigate without the app.

Half of the video is muted?

Copyright music

finishing out my cyberpunk robot bible synthwave bible study with Collective Soul - Shine.

i have made my peace with god; I apologize for my actions and behavior on this website. Whatever qualms I have are not important.

I am attempting to rejoin the righteous pathway.

I urge you all to let Jesus take you in and cover you with warmth.


Ok Kathryn.

this was more fun than i thought it would be

what is this

I am going to a Japanese Christianity exhibit on Tuesday. I’ll try to get pictures.

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Into le trash


I got these and then they told me no photography allowed.soz

Tjats not how maru and jesus are portrayed

Christians were tortured so they had to hide their worship in buddhist imagery

The most interesting thing I saw there was these floor pieces with Christian imagery on them. They were used to catch Christians. If someone hesitated before stepping on them, they would suspect you are a Christian that doesnt want to step on such images.


They had crosses that Japanese Christians hand made in their homes and kept hidden from the shogun. They were really cool looking. They had a copy of the first bible translated into Japanese. I wish I could have thumbed through it.

A lot of people were at that exhibit. They still have a thing for Jesus.



  1. Evolution is the NEW RELIGION. Just a theory completely unproven used to discredit all worldly religions and greatly dehumanize you into passivity and believing you aint shit. They say its science, its not, fuck outta here.
  2. Media is the new GOD. Dont question the intent of media you dont understand so they gotta be right.
  3. Hedonism is the new JESUS. They be thinking pleasure will save them from pain.
  4. Drugs are the new MOSES, people think drugs will free them from being slaves.
  5. Your ego is Lazarus. Ya keep letting it die but we always bring it back to life.
  6. Women still as evil as EVE but its up to US to save them.
  7. Satan is real, and Evil won in WW2