Big Dream Goals

Every golf or cars dad I’ve seen was a deadbeat

I know plenty of guys who drive incredibly nice fast cars and have good relationships with their wife and children if they have them.

The secret to living that life style is to not be poor.

This was about chilling on a boat for a year and having no responsibilities, no worries for a year. We planned on getting laid in every port.

If I wanted to get sodomized my uncle, I would have stayed home. WTF is wrong with you?

Come here bro

Man it’s a joke chill out I’m sure ur uncle is a nice guy with just a slight fetish for his nephews rear end


Wanna squat 1000 pounds before next year

meh it just sucks to suck. and i dont know what else i would do with my time if its not dota. i felt my mind start to decay like i was getting dumber as i stopped playing. tryna get back into it now cuz i dead ass dont do anything else with my life.

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Please only post big dreams in the big dreams thread

oh i super relate actually. being bad at something you used to be good at is a terrible feeling.

some day i will become 2d