Big Dream Goals

Anyone here ever had a big dream goal that didn’t work out?

I had two.

The first one was when I was in high school. My uncle was a sailor (well really a programmer who loved to sail.) He was ready to quit his job and sell off everything he owned to buy a big ship. His house, van, car, bike, speedboat, everything. He asked me if I wanted to take a year off before college to sail around America.

He wanted to sail out of the Great Lakes out the ocean. Then we would sail down the coast, maybe visit some islands. Then go into the Gulf. Sail up the Mississippi. Into the inland waterway back to int the Great Lakes.

I was so tempted, but I got a scholarship at a good school and I didn’t want to fuck that up. Wish that I had done it. It might have been a great life experience. Oh well.

The second one is for another post.

My big dream is too die

@SOPHIE why is this in spam

Did your school not offer a gap year?


Nothing like sharing a boat for a year with your unwed aspergers uncle

Seemed like he wanted to do it idk

I’m personally not in the business of getting butt raped by my uncle for a year but who am I to press my opinions on another


I’ve achieved all my dreams cause I fucking own. Lmao nerds

Move out your parents house and suddenly you’re hot shit big whoop

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i’m going to travel eastern europe and central asia for a year.

also i wanna retire when im 40

I’m interviewing for a really good job in seattle that i really dont have a great chance of getting but the thought of getting that job and moving to seattle and more or less starting over a lot of my life is INCREDIBLY appealing to me.

Not a big dream but it’s starting to cause me to have big dreams, the work I’m doing Thursday night might open up a lot of opportunities for me. If it does I’m gonna take advantage of them all and start making them big bucks.
I’m dreaming of big dreams.

also dreaming about my upcoming namafia deposit should be a big one…

I was gonna say something like enjoy the 70/30 ratio then I realized that may be good for you so enjoy Seattle!

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I don’t have any big dreams right now. Got a good job. Got a house. Not sure I want kids.

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To play dota with the pros was my big dream, i actually achieved my big dream in 2014.
Sadly it didnt last long… i had to real life grind and get a job. couldnt leech off my family any longer had to stand up and be a man.

feelsbad looking back like damn what skills i had when i could just sit and play.

huh interesting so it feels bad cuz you aren’t as good at / dont play dota as much?

i have kinda the opposite thing where i super regret how much of my teenage / young adult life was spent playing dota even tho i was kinda good at one point in time.

tfw no aspirations beyond self sufficiency and good relationships


I wanna drive fast cars and be a good father/husband to a woman I love… lol…

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Those two things are incompatible lol