Blacksmithing thread

As one might have guessed…

It’s been a few good long years since my grand spurt of activity. Oh those few bold years.
Now, this being a dota forum - I am quite sure we all know what my passion is.
My secondary passion, that is.

Some of you will already know this (my dear friends) but during the past year I have undertaken a new hobby.
One that has transformed my life and my spirit. No, I am not talking about finishing the bible or going to church (both true). The subject of the matter is this: Forging. I am a Smith. A blacksmith to be precise.
I hope to one day transform this most interesting and joyful hobby in to a full time profession, but for now… This is my humble beginning. Oh do I have much to learn…

Selected works in no particular order and of no particular criteria:

This is the heart of the shop. Aside from the cast iron firepot, built by yours truly…

My two anvils. The one in terrible shape being my first. They are quite adequate for my current needs.

My belt grinder.

Well friends, other than all that I might add that I work in a fire-brick factory, lifting bricks.
It is by no means a pleasurable job, but it pays both bills and hobby. Certainly one must make a living.

That will be all for now. I pray you all have a nice day… God bless you!


welcome to the board, i hope you have a great time robert

Robert is making my katana in the future

Great stuff!

You should look at this TV show. I would love to see you on it.

Awesome dude lol glad you’re going to church too :encouragement:

I got in to this whole ordeal by making knives but now it doesn’t interest me that much anymore. Too much sanding and too little hammering!

That’s a great show though, I’ve watched all but the latest season :slight_smile:

Simple bottle opener.

Scrolling tongs.

A candle holder. Last picture shows the copper rod that the two parts came from. The plate was brazed in place.

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The ram looks nothing like what you were trying to accomplish but I commend you otherwise

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this was my first attempt lol

I know I saw it on your Twitter, it was about a year ago or longer you did that right

no it was like a week before the other one

Which was more than a year ago

I actually don’t remember the dates but I remember you posted the one you were trying to emulate

a bit more than a month maybe?? I’ve only been doing this for a year total

this the type of shit I was doing back then

Huh I’m way off

I kind of stumbled upon your Twitter so I wasn’t paying close attention

Candle holder looks sick

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Can you make an AR in this forge?

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I wish I made things