Bland Mafia Day 2 / Wrap up

Game over, town wins.

Ian the Janitor was found dead.
Gwez the Roleblocker was found dead.

How come people had to appear so scummy d1... Guess @iaafr was right and town should have been less powerful. Dang.

hi im town cop i have a guilty on gwez

@mafiabot vote gwez

He is already dead dude lol

i wanna hammer

who killed who

did one of them die to grandma

Vig got one, grandma got the other.

ggwp all thanks for host

If SCSF hadn't gotten lynched d1 I feel like this might have gone better.
Or maybe if you guys didn't know each other so well.

I healed you baby :kiss:


That actually worked.

How so?

Ah, I wrote that before the edit


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All good.

Man I wanted people to either die to grandma or fool to win.
Why'd you guys have to lynch SCSF day1...

but who was fool


he declared himself an unapologetic racist and we dont stand for that in 2020 namafia

I've seen him in sign other mafia games, SCSF is a decent guy to me. Why'd he do this?

idk lbj just triggers him

Alright, new idea. What if there are like multiple fools/jesters in the game...