Blizzard Cannot Write Quests Properly

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This is true: I had to call blizzard to get them to explain to me in full detail, how to access the Warlords of Draenor expansion. I had been away from the game for over 2 years and only came back about 4 days ago, now the people who had been playing all along starts a shit storm in chat about how I was dumb and everything else, just they had been playing so it became second nature to them and so that means according to them no one should have a problem either. (It’s a we did it, so you should too) 9 year old argument.

Which part of it? How are you doing?

I thought this was going to be a thread for making fun of how Blizzard fans can’t handle any criticism of their games whatsoever and get very, very upset to the point of tears even in the face of mild feedback

But then I look into the comments and you’re there in the thread sobbing your eyes out with the rest of them about the fact this guy could go on the internet and say he didn’t like your favorite video game

So instead I’m going to use this opportunity to make fun of you.

Despite not buying the expansion and never planning to, I’m going to call Blizzard and have them walk me through the process of starting the new content so that I will know how if I ever do buy it. We will go over it several times, just to be sure.

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i quoted one of the first paragraphs from the post he linked, i dont actually have trouble buying expansion packs for video games

Jdance why do you pretend like you’re a new player in the WoW thread if you have thousands of posts on mmo champion forums?

It’s not funny or intelligent.

I’m a new vanilla player. Things like getting to darnassue are new concepts to a guy like me.

If you comb through my post history you’ll come to see that I am a very skilled WoW player - and that doesn’t need to be funny nor intelligent.

If all you can do is troll you might as well just stop posting now.

You’re really misjudging this entire situation

No I’m not

Talking to Jdance. If you look in the thread, he’s in there, practically in tears because somebody said the latest expansion wasn’t perfect.

No that isn’t what I said. I simply told the OP that he triggered me (you can only trigger me accidentally, not purposefully, like this op did)