Blog thread is missing

Krazy_Kat asked me stop by, so I’m here. Just visiting. Hello everyone :wave:

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It is hidden behind a weird group membership thing.

See Dan, just make everything visible

Welcome back Sudo :applause:

keep it hidden imo

I saw the admin post about trust level 3 for the lounge access. I think there is a privacy benefit, so I’m okay with it. New user might confuse, but again it is for the regulars…
Just minor downside is it does make the site looks less active, since all actives are behind the wall.

i gave you access.

good point – i should write down somewhere that members should request lounge access because by default its not granted to people who sign up, they are given trust level 0 and you basically need to read/post/like enough to move up in trust levels to 3 to get access. it’s not hard to get there but i give every real regular/exnadota poster special access through a group so access cant be lost and it isn’t a Completely stupid hurdle for people who are understandably a core part of the userbase

i thought that its a good thing for people who want to blog openly like you – do i remember you wanting to blog very openly but being afraid that anyone could see it. i shared that sentiment, although i still don’t really feel comfortable with openly blogging yet either.

also if you didn’t notice i set it up so that you are labeled as a content creator. its the name color.

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Awesome! Thank you.