Bloody9 beats #plasma

We picked up a new stack in #dota2 and played in:

EPULZE $500 monthly USA East
We came in 3/4th losing to B9dota and crew, winning $25. GG!

I can't even recognize 2 of these heroes lmao

what are skins

far right i cant tell

You played against B9 and didn't ban puck? Bad move.

alch / phoenix / puck / necro / wd / --- / bat / I thought it was dp but actually I bet it's naga / new hero granny cookie dont know the name / thd / pa?????

That's my best guess after thinking about it for some time

Looks more like centaur than pa lmao

I think the granny is snapfire or something

This isn't even bad comparatively

In counter strike I genuinely, 100% just can't see one of the skins if the player isn't moving. I play dust2 only and one of the P2W T skins is darker and the contrast must be low because if he's in a shadow, by a barrel, I just completely can't see it.

Dota at least you know this gross blob of color is a hero of some sort and by minute 5 you've probably figured out what characters your enemy has and what each blob of color corresponds to

In CS you just die repeatedly and lose the game because little timmy has been opening crates and found the ultra epic stealth gamer skin. It's fucked.

Yeah I thought it was centaur for a while but I was looking at the team composition and centaur didn't really make sense

My money is on LC far right -- all in

The other hint is the way these are built they are always adding on top of the existing skin - so with naga, even though if u look at the whole thing it looks like dp, u can see the color on the face, which is unaltered, looks like naga

With the last one - I was looking at the legs and last I checked centaur doesnt have those feminine hips

All in for how much?

All my chips, however many were given by the house

100% matticus's wongs for 100% of mine

@Plasma1337 show us the items on each hero

Ur right that's definitely not centaur thicc-ness

Never thought i'd be playing guess the hero. It's almost easier to pick out wc3 heroes and match them to their counterparts than it is to tell what the fuck this hero is with Premium Skins :tm:

Ugh how can you not fucking tell that’s a naga and an Lc help

We're just really dumb

I’m mostly just being dramatic
But I do think naga is pretty obvious.

This is divine punishment for all the bad things we did during DotArd games

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