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Get The Truth Out

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i’m just here for the new kanye album i dont Really give a Fuck about His Politics

Niggas want to hear you rap. Don’t nobody care about how you feel, we want raps, nigga.


Where is it

It’s here

Yandhi drops 10/10 on

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im sorry, do what?


Fuck you

You know he gonna sample a trump speech on some fire song or end a song w a phonecall to trump and we’re gonna bump it anyway cuz the shit gonna be dope

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Look at this pathetic cuck type at me. Stuck in the simulation, probably waking up early to go to school or work all the while plugged into this shit worm infested hellhole of a forum.

I dunno I didn’t really enjoy the Pablo album…

Waves + Ultralight beam were gr8

You have serious problems if you don’t like fade.

As a whole the album was eh…

I know artists change as time goes on but still enjoy the older stuff more. Not to say his new stuff isn’t good it’s just not my jam

Fade might be one of my favorite dance jams of all time I’m not gunna lie.

Million dollar renovations to a happy home.

Really looking forward to Kanye’s New album!