board games

couldn't find a board game thread in the search function so here we go

post recommendations

Gloomhaven (holy fucc this is fun played this tonight)
Samurai Swords
Settlers of Catan (obv)
Fortress America
Battlecry (the hexagon battlemap one)

deckbuilding games are also allowed in that vein


Secret hitler with cool smarties is my fav

Or should that post be in the mafia like thread hmmm

i've played it's certainly entertaining but man it's simple compared to mafialike so i think it belongs here

Mafia is simple too it’s just not fast paced like rl versions
but I get you

I wanna play gloom haven but I feel like I’d want more crunch from an actual ttrpg

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it's got legs man, we played without giving out specific initiative or damage tells and it was a fucking blast. would be lame pathing out everyone's turn initiative and damage predictions. if you're talking about roleplaying we haven't really gotten to that yet just beat the first dungeon and it's addendum

plenty of decision making on when to shuffle your discard back into your hand while losing one and when to open doors

played scoundrel had a blast deciding when to commit to rooms and when to skirt the corners and bide my time

Some of us have played games on Tabletop Simulator together.
There is a thread somewhere.

tabletop simulator =/= board games my friendo

Yeah I’m gonna have to get my bands up and cop it then find some friends to play it with

Been fiending for a good few rounds of code names as well. Folks I played with (friends and then at a rando party) weren’t into it enough

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I just got gloomhaven: jaws of the lion

I got a big game collection

no one i know will play heavy euros so i dont really own many. my gf kinda hates really competitive games sso that's why i own so many coops. also i own way too many party games.

my taste is real basic i mostly play high-rated, spiele des jahres and blockbuster type games.

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cool site just made my own profile from what i can remember is at home while on break

big wargamer here if you can't tell

lol wanna buy twilight struggle off me? its really good but i can't ever get it to the table cuz no one wants to play or learn such a long 2 player game with me.

maybe in the future but the docket is currently stacked and we usually play with 4+ people

thanks tho

myself and the guy i play 1v1 with are currently balls deep into Squad Leader scenarios and it's gonna take a bit