Bot reviews for "The Woman King"

Wow this guy really hates fiction

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Oh nevermind its you. The movie isnt supposed to be historically accurate. Its a movie

Needless to say i have reported your video for hatespeech. I would recommend downloading all your videos if you dont want to lose them when you get banned

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Rugrats sucks so bad everyone knows babies cant actually talk

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Yes based on

As in "based on a true story" in all of those haunted movies

Have you considered that the people who are likely to see the movie are the same people who would like the movie and therefore the same people to rate it highly

I saw you play basketball on your youtube channel no wonder why you hate women. Its newtons third law hahahaha

I would beat you 1handed in basketball but ok lol

Okay fuck you kid where do you live its showdown time


I was state champ in 6th grade you have zero chance

this one seems a bit more insidious revisioning a tribe of raiding slavers as heroic and downplaying their part in what made them famous and rich to begin with. at least compared to pretty boy jude law fighting the nazis while his own countrymen get mowed down by comrades with bullets the soviets apparently didnt have to give them to fight nazis to begin with. still clown face emoji tier but a little less obscene


i guarantee this movie was envisioned, written, and directed by white women

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Have you seen the movie? They address the slavery aspect

im guessing the 'woman king' at some point says slavery is bad and they shouldnt do it but no one listens but her and her best friends, who were made wealthy and powerful by selling millions of their neighbors into savage bondage, separated from their families and sailed to a different continent

Nope. Ask @theGreatWingdingi. He hasnt seen the movie but he is very good at predicting what will happen in them


@theGreatWingdingi please elaborate