whats ur guys favorite shit to eat for breakfast

i like egg sandwiches with fried eggs and bacon on a poppyseed bagel

i was extremely hungover this morning and that shit always hits

im looking for suggestions for other stuff to eat for breakfast in general not only when hungover

I don't eat breakfast. I drink coffee and then start studying. Eating in the morning is guaranteed foggy brain

my go-to was always half a bagel, slice of turkey, cheese, toasted in toaster oven and a sunnyside up egg on top. and id put ketchup on top of the bagel before i put the egg on.

lately it's been avocado toast, green onion, tomato, sprouts with some kind of chipotle sauce or just salt, and a slice of turkey to keep it altogether

im partially with jdance.. i juice fast for like 4hrs after getting up before i eat "breakfast"

Eating before using your brain sucks ass

I dislike most breakfast foods. If I have to get something I lean towards breakfast burritos with hard cooked eggs and a guacamole if possible.

Good choices

I like my eggs fried to crisp brown

i like yolks

but my guilty pleasure are mcd's sausage mcmuffins, the ones with just sausage and cheese, no egg, with a ketchup packet.. and 2 hashbrowns, but well-done

or well-done tater tots oml

You have bagels at your McDonald's locations?

They are God tier

ive never had a bagel from mcdonalds but yeah mcds breakfast is pretty solid, used to be big on the egg mcmuffin when i was a kid

I just started making my own after i bought 1 too many. Now im bored of them

they removed them at most locations. im so sad. i used to love the BLT bagels.
im not a fan of fast food eggs.. they're too rubbery and weird

McMuffin black coffeeand a Marlboro red

what kind of mcmuffin. sausage, bacon or whatever else they have as an option i dont remember. and any cheese?

Always cheese usually Canadian bacon I sometimes crave a sausage McMuffin with egg and cheese too

marlboro reds in the morning do hit different