BrewMaster thread

Been enjoying brewmaster a lot in turbo recently.

This is a brew love thread

Plz use the Brew thread

Playing brewmaster right now with jones nyte and robb

drunken brawler + drunken haze + stout-shield early game is awesome

if ur by yourself you dont need a thunder clap

To win free MMR just spam your ult and hit towers.

Brewmaster - Bottle > HotD > Phase > Blink Echosabre > Radiance > Heart >AC

Use Satyr Tormenter to cast Shockwave on a target, once your Earth Spirit has stunned a hero with Boulder Throw. They both share a 6 second cooldown, and adds a free 350 dmg to your Primal Split duration. (Damage higher if hitting multiple heroes.

Alternatively use the Hellbear Smasher for the extra attack speed for your Primal split, and adding an additional Thunder Clap so you can have 2!

Tier 1 tower kill speed in conjunection with items + auras with level 3 Primal Split

No items > 13.4 seconds

Blight Stone > 12.5 seconds

With Hotd + Blight Stone > 10.5 seconds

With Hotd + Hellbear Smasher > + Blightstone 8.9 seconds

With Hotd + Hellbear Smasher + AC Aura > 7.2

With Hotd + Hellbear Smasher + Ac Aura + Backpacked Blightstone > 6.9

With Hotd + Wolf Commander + AC Aura + Backpacked Blightstone = fast? idk test it out yourself! lol (it’s better iir) estimation 6.0 second

To elaborate, the HotD attack speed turns your Primal Splits into auto attacking monsters. Increasing their attack considerably due to each Spirit’s BAP(Base attack speed) End result is your Primal Split deals 50% more damage. Additionally, the Earth Spirit is more efficient at pushing from the Siege damage + attack speed aura.

I always max my passive and then Drunken Haze, leaving clap at level one. This increases my native GPM to local neutrals, and allows very early ancient clearing which results in a accelerated level 12.

First buy Helm of the Dominator allows me to lane permanently without fear of death. The faster you can rush Helm of the Dominator, the faster you can help win your mid lane, or salvage your mid lane if your mid did fail. Use a neutral to protect your mid hero at all times. A Brewmaster doesn’t really need to worry about dying, so it’s more important to have good micro and save your mid hero from roams, while you can pressure your offlane with the max evasion/crit early on.

If you buy helm of dom you must utilize the SHIT out of it. USE the Neutral at all times. Every action matters.

I play Brew in the Offlane.

Talents =
+30 Damage @ 10

Magic Resist @ 15 (slow can be good if you go aghs no radiance)

+100 Attack Speed is honestly way better than the Primal Split health, but if you go Aghs Primal split Health can be good. if you fear your spirits dying to heroes like Ursa and TA, or want to play a little more backdoorish and push like you can get the health but I like the attack speed because I can solo roshan and farm ancients faster.

Also with that attack speed you decimate everyone.

@25 -65 Primal Split CD

Hello sir you forgot to list talents


anyone can make something work, smart people can make something work simply.

Scale W, and E and sit in lane solo all game and then get necessary items. GG

Just buy drum hahaHHA

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Three brew splits need 3 drums for playing.
Maybe even 6 drum for double bongos!!

What do you mean?

Panda bongo drum :panda_face:

I don’t get it.

You can’t activate Drum on panda split

Catapult + Primal SPlit is gg - Esp with blight stone