Bring the big :casey: back

The current :casey: is too small we need it big back

:b:ig :b:asey

Holy fug that’s big on my device

I’ll text him bout coming back. He’s currently smashing shorties somewhere in Texas rn working on Ted Cruz campaign but he might have some spare time to post.


lmao What

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It was Casey tier

anyone got bayo added on any of their socials? last time i was in g-burg we met up and took me out on the town with his persian homies but he must’ve gotten a new whatsapp account or something cuz it’s been radio silent for over a year.

someone @ him if they know his steam

His steam/dota is wavebave/wave but I’d assume he’s just moved on from all that stuff completely

I need to fuck Zara Larsson

@SOPHIE what have u Done

Very sure I’ve written css for this and I’m not sure why it’s missing but I’ll fix it up in a bit

it needs to be bigger anad break tables

if ti couldd be bigger than IRL that would be preferred

Wtf when this thread was made the one in the title while viewing the thread was so huge it broke the first post on mobile, now it’s as small as the one in the post. Fuck you, that’s the opposite of what was requested

Fuck you epok

Godd fucking damn it

Roll it back

Fucking epok does it again

Give us back our :casey: !

We pay we say!