"Brittany Griner" is a man?


On the left.

Convince me that's not a man.

tldr story - Russia detained this dude for bringing a weed pen into the country.

While I am 100% shitposting....the more and more photos I go through of this dude the more I'm convinced it's a dude.

He has the anatomy of a man...........

I have reason to believe Russia is holding this dude cause they were cheating the woman's league.


Why would it matter what gender they are

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A man pretending to be a woman? XD

Women who use test develop Adams apples

Are you aware that Russia is the doping capital

ok that is a fucking man

Woman let a man on their team jsut to WIN LMAOO

Woman are such cunts bahahaha

Why do u care tho

who u got in a basketball 1v1, numeta or brittany griner?

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can you give me a tldw i can't stand his pacing and cadence in talking

I don't watch this guys videos, they just have very funny thumbnails.


true true

You're right the womans league should be all men lmao



expected from a ■■■■■■ that supports the latinx shit