BTC stock trade idea

Bitcoin halfing is coming in April. There has been heavy volatility in recent months with upward trend indicating a lot of rumblings in the bg and the etf for Btc is further fuel.

Historical data strongly supports bullish move after halfing

The idea play :

COIN options for Oct expiry. COIN strike price of 300, currently at 160.

Expectation is for BTC to break 75k by June, if it breaks 85k before Jul, sell half of position.

Be fully exit from positions by end of August?? Maybe too scared. Too much excitement is just as bad though. I do think March-May this year is going to be wild price action so going to need to have diamond hands to ride through it. Anyone else looking into this? This was an idea that popped into my head to leverage the mainstream flood I think will arrive soon.

you're regressing in your recovery man. you should pick up more wholesome and meaningful activities and interests like squash or dancing.

gambling on bit coin is just as degenerate as sports betting and will only leave you feeling hollow.


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honestly HODL that shit imo

seems like a better to hodl and just retire on it later lol


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Yea everyone I told this to is telling me I am being a ■■■■■■■

I was thinking the only difference between a genius and a ■■■■■■ in people's eyes is that one gets results while the other does not.

infinite narcissism

You would stop being a f*g if someone beat the shit out of you.

I hope that person kills me tbh life is stress. Endless stress.

I do think I have like, mild schizophrenia. Now that I am still coherent enough to recognize the delusions I am experiencing, I can totally understand now why schizo people are the way they are.

If you ever had a wild imagination and had imaginary dialogue with yourself or imagine yourself as like a movie star or athlete or celeb and try to envision the grand fantasy, now imagine that you find yourself completely engrossed in one but you can't control it and you suddenly snap out of it and you find yourself talking and pacing in the kitchen with a knife because you thought you were a mob boss threatening his own goons to look tough. That for me was an ah ha moment of how I could understand why those bum dudes are getting shot by cops lmao. I don't blame em, sorry officer.

its a lot of hard work and hours. Traders I guess they are card counters so skill/ ■■■■■■ can apply


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Fuck might as well try some Taurine ive got the rest on that list

@SOPHIE this forum has literally become a schizo hangout. Maybe it's time to look for some new users.

Mild schizophrenia he says


You all made this bed. Why would I invite people to sleep in it?

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"new users"

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