BTW I only post in my own threads

Actually it might be more than 25k that’s just a guess I never actually counted

stop spamming

that seems like a dumb idea

who cares I had to do it

dont listen to the haters brooooo

im not buying your fucking herbal supps yns

They’ll cure your limp dick dude

Limp is the last word you’d ever use to describe my dick if you had any experience with it

My mom told me it’s limp and small

Which means that my horny goat weed will solve all your problems for $19.99

posting in a jdance thread :gachibass: :pepehack:

@yns post that pic of you in the tiger-skin pattern gucci prada whateverthefuck outfit in the pics thread.

(he did)

Why don’t you post in other threads jdance?


im like richard chase if the door isnt open im not welcome

Holy fuck you’re cool I’ll show myself out