BTW I only post in my own threads

So if you want to reach me, contact me in one of those, I don’t waste my time in other peoples’ threads




are u the same jdance who posts in the poe subreddit about maphacking and shit

ya thats him

ya thats me

who were u on the old nadota?

i wasnt

It’s Dendi

you’re just some white guy who sells drugs

I haven’t sold drugs in a couple years

no way

youre either selling drugs or stuck in some pyramid scheme essential oils bullshit. those are the only two options

he sells fake designer clothing

why would you say that? I work a normal job 40+ hours a week

what kind of snake oild o u sell

nothing I got this job in January and before that I just spent like 25k on clothes and 6k on a car my job was to chill down on rodeo dr

25k on clothes and 6k on a car?

is this backwards?

nah all my clothes are designer but my car is just a ford lol

I spent like 4k just on a suit from Prada

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