Burger King's Impossible Whopper

Hell if it looks like a burger, tastes like a burger, fills ya like a burger, and has the same nutritional value im down all day

how much nutritional value do u expect from a burger cuz I don’t give a shit

climate change is not real, do not buy into this vegan-hippie fuckery guys

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If only Burger king didnt taste like fermented asshole

Well i gypsy it. I ask for heavy all. Light mayo. You get double the veggies (free), and some protein from the burger patty.

I dont feel as guilty eating that vs mcdicks

eventually we'll be eating insect protein disguised as meat. Im cool with all the new shit. As long as it sustainable and tastes the damn same as a good ol' cow patty. Global warming is not at the hysterical level where we need to tax everyone up the ass for it. But its still good to be ecological if possible. Imo.

you have doretos and salsa yet you chode?

I eat at real restaurants or make my own nongarbage food

If you ever come down to Chicago we can eat at Etta, I been digging that place hard lately

one day. Next goal is to get to a lan in Philadelphia for csgo. We get there, then shit starts rolling. Dont think this year it can happen

hell yeah

there will never be a big lan in chicago tho as long as our cost+taxes are absurd to host a larger gaming tourney. unfortunate but w/e

i told my brother to name his team Midwest Lan Pals, he wasn't into it

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there was a big csgo major in chicago. Other lans i hear of are in detroit

I tried the beyond burger at carl's jr the other day. It was alright. Texture wise it was a little rubbery, but passable. I'd like to see where this pivot takes us 10-20 years from now. Would be cool to see more actually healthy fast food options pop up. While the beyond burger itself may not be "healthy", I like the trend of more plant based foods becoming more available, and less expensive.

YES PLEASE. LEGIT healthy shit like a burger is worth a Pita Pit wrap

holy shit how did i miss this

you dont talk to french folk probably

I was replying to csgo majors in chicago lmao. Dont think I need frenchies for that

oh that i dont know because of hentai and stremaing anot not eating doretos with salsa. Def the doretos and no salsa part