Called a dudes wife fat on the street

I dodge this bitch on the sidewalk going into a store.

I hear some cussing and I look around and I see dude staring at me like YOU ALMOST RAN INTO MY WIFE

I literally dodged the bitch so I was confused. I stood there for a bit. Look at him, looked at her, then back at him and just said.

Shes fucking fat.

He proceeded to lose it.


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Its this song but george floyd is suffocating across the street

it did was funny


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Is life too short to not vape?

too short not to be gay


For me? Its apple tabacco

Camt stand the reddit tier sweet liquid


Soooi drunk rn bros


life too short to let 3rd world mexicans steal ur shit but then again ask sammy ahahahahahahahaahahaha @Sammyboy

#plasma is gay confirmed

you probably did bump into her because you walk around with your head down looking at the ground like a loser. too used to having to look down and avoid quail shit.

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■■■■■■■■ bro

nah i dodged the bish. No need to be so rude my dear man.

to be
so rude
my friend