CAn anybody here beet my scores?


I challenge you to a type-racer

Brood_star and Corey regularly hit over 200 wpm

I could too that was first challenge

Okay not 200 but high 100s

I love typeracer but I suck

i used to think typeracer scores directly correlate with dotard skill

fucking adderall how do u get 200

Answered your own question

And also answered why it correlated with dota 2 skill

Jdance you spelled beat wrong. This is why you can't get 200


corey is so good at head to head sudoku

I submit to Klaze the man's a god

I feel so inadequate right now

Reality is often disappointing

In my slow days I peak 110 in my younger days I don’t think I did much beyond 140 but I don’t remember what we used back then