Can I Graduate School Without Getting Into Graduate School?

topic, for the graduate schoolers out there.

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Someone like you? Lol scoffs no

Glad to see you’re thinking about grad school though.

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I would consult jdance

Yes actually you can, there are universities here that have faulty database structure that dont actually have access to the data saying you legitimately graduated or not.

So a good chance you can get a fake diploma printed ,bring a bit of paperwork and get into a grad school

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I know someone whos done exactly that albeit it was some years ago now. Just literally made his own degree from some international school lol

How are you getting reference letters?

Also, grad schools require transcripts sent directly from the universities you’ve been to before, so that won’t work

Good thread

Thinking about testing into grad school

You dont, its not required

Sounds like Turkish grad schools blow


if you want to do something just do it. There was some 14 year old kid who discovered a cure for a certain type of disease from the interenets. Just self teach and learn to sell yourself. GG