Can we have a jdance subfprum

Can we just give him timeout in his own subfprum

The only way is to make it so he can only post via email I think

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Give the whole forum to jdance

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I think this is reasonable

On NaDota we had containment threads for several people like plasma and others.

I would like to do the same thing here.

i’m not sure a single subforum would be enough to contain his ego.

we should be discussing a forum


Still in support of him having one thread that he’s only able to access via email.

What happened to him

Like here(recently)

Rly fking weird how the long answers that he played too many vidgames

he was regretting his behavior of talking about the 17yo girl at work too much and thought about posting cocks to get himself banned so epok quarantined him

can i have a subforum

I showed her his posts. That’s why he lost his marbles. Now she thinks he’s an impotent fool.

Thinks or knows?


Thinks. She didn’t think so previously, JDance can be surprisingly charming to to an adolescent mind when he keeps his shirt on.

Or so I hear.