Can't get over ex girlfriend nudes


since that girl was the only girl that had shown itnerest me in me for a long while

can't get over her nudes im frantically trying to recover them through google drive file type shit

anyone have similar stories? Do you think having another woman interested in me will help me get over it?

i think the more time u spend not looking at the nudes or obsessing over them the easier it will be for you.

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time is the main thing that helps w this


Get over old nudes by getting under new nudes

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If you place the nudes flat on the ground they are not too much of an issue, perhaps a brisk jump could clear them.


when you masturbate to a woman part of your sexual energy gets transferred to her, and you are slowly making her more powerful. Your energy only returns back to you when you abstain.

Stop giving your ex your energy.


The woman gets your sexual energy