Can't stop swearing in League do to Real life psychological distress

Title, i keep getting permabanned because 16 year old turkish kids ping me and i go on a fucking massacre of words that involve fucking their mom till her dies and then beating their sister with the corpse, fucking and ejaculating on the qoran, exchanging phone numbers and threatening them over the phone, exchanging adresses, etc.

Any tips on climbing in moba games while severly distressed in real life? I'm having some trouble.

Pay a therapist to sit in on your games and talk to your teammates about why they are pinging you like that

one positive aspect of all this is they seem rather less disturbed by the fact that i'm going to murder rape their whole family and ejaculate on the corpses, than the phrase "Allahini sikerim" (fuck Allah)

Somebody needs to do something about people who ping in video games.

I'm 6/0 toplane aatrox in silver elo, i run mid and take the tower, kill the enemy midlaner, tp back to toplane and defend my own tower;

The midlaner: Why are you taking all the farm in the game moron?

I'm not kidding, this literally just happened.

Silver surfer lol

Midlaner runs into 4 people with 30 percent hp, pings me, and calls me a "mal çocuğu"

A black curtain falls before my eyes and i boost up to 200 WPM on my 5 dollar mechanical keyboard, 2 hours later i'm permabanned.

You literally can't enjoy anything while ur mentally ill, not even videogames.

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stick to dota, where u can LIGHT a fire under their ass and still have a 9k+ behavior score.
Godbless NA DOTA.

Agree. There needs to be more punishments for things the game designers allow them to do.