Car Thread

What are you driving?

I drive a 2010 honda accord. Feel free to post pics if your car is cool!

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Just bought this car. It’s a dumpster fire but hey it’s fun and was super cheap. (red one)


nigga wtf that’s a MOTORCYLCE

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03 BMW M3

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ew wtf

solstices are cool but i never see them anymore

pontiac vibes on the other hand are like everywhere and the really knobby looking ones are the best

same thing with the g8. wish i found one of those for a good price

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VEry nice!

it’s an ok car

Anyone here been in a car crash?
What did you hit?
Did you actually tell your insurance?
Or did you handle it like a man and keep driving.
Or did the person hit you and you made them pay?


damn i hit a tree. so i made the tree pay me.

I’ve done this. Except the tree took my four year old son from me as payment

You for real?

Rest in peace, Waldon.

i’mma light one up for ur son, he went to heaven four sure.

Real shit homie.

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I’ve never been an accident. I once backed into a car when I was 16 and left a big ass dent on my moms car but I just drove off so idk what happened to the other persons car

I mean I skrrted off like a real one