Carbon-14 NAmafia Monastery Day 3

Day 3

Last night we lost another one of our own. Brother @iaafr a Vanilla Townie and our resident illuminated scroll copyist was gunned down in the middle of a late night bowel movement. Sadly he was the last literate brother in the abbey so I don't know how any of us will go on keeping the knowledge and the word of god alive in these dark ages. We have one more chance to find this last godless cutthroat and save all our souls, his own included, and sanctify our grounds.

Alive Players

Day ends midnight 10/9 est or when a majority of 2 is reached




@mafiabot startday 7035

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

Roragok, insom, KrazyKat, iaafr,

Alive Players - 4

Majority Vote - 3


Brother Mafiabot is still grieving the loss go easy on him, he thinks brother iaafr is still with us on the prime material plane and needs more time to grieve. Majority is still 2 so you can @ abbot @osiris with your votes instead


I can fix the bot if it helps. super hard to debug cause i dont have a locally but can update what it reads from.

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

Roragok, insom, KrazyKat,

Alive Players - 3

Majority Vote - 2


Ayo kkat are you mafia bud

im team insom

he is, Iā€™m down to lynch if you are

lets win this game fam

Am town.
Always was.

First vote on a mislynch loses us the game btw.

should we treat this like a season finale of survivor where we both prepare a speech on why @Roragok should choose us

Or trash talk each other.

your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries

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Lmao yes please entertain me

I fart in your general direction.


Let's look at the previous days.

On day one, I was one of the first to vote on ian.
Insom, on the other hand, threw down the hammer as the final vote.
Probably because Ian told him to do it in scum chat for the town cred.

On day two, Insom voted second on Sophie.
That put Dan at L-1.
He was hoping for that one additional vote for the mislynch.
He got it, and ended the day quickly.

I was tempted to hammer him myself, but the day was young and I wanted more info.
But we never got the chance.