Carbon-14 NAmafia Monastery Day 3

taking way too much credit for lynching your partner when you only joined in on it when it was clear many people were sussing him is a classic scum tell too

OK then my point is still valid.
You wanted to end the day early to stop more discussion and it worked.

have dnd tonight and i'lll read your thoughts and vote tomorrow morning at work.

This ain't my first rodeo.

I was not the only one who wanted to lynch those players and a lot of discussion had already been had

the fact you sat back and offered very little in the way of strategic thoughts isn’t my fault

On day one you said this:

Well said.

Then on day two:

We had 2 more days and you hammered.
Why? Because you knew Sophie was town.

No, YOU knew he was town. He was the beat lynch target and we had already discussed it thoroughly. There was no need for 3 days of discussion in such a small game.

Also, almost everything you are saying is from the lens of a scum player, including your several freudian slips

trying to say the very act of dropping hammer is sus is crappy logic. there were other players who wanted to kill SOPHIE and would have hammered if I voted sooner

but now that iaafr is dead you can make these accusations against me knowing that I’m a weaker player and not as well equipped at defending myself

freudian slips?

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Well I am done.
@Roragok read the last two days. It shouldn't be that hard.

@mafiabot vote @insom

@insom you could do the same to me.
@Roragok is the kingmaker now.

@mafiabot vote @KrazyKat


bruh im playing kingmaker as my adventuer path right now wheere i killed my players with a cylcops lich. howd you know

@mafiabot vote @insom

I can't read kkat well but find myself agreeing more with him after i iso. Condolences if i fucked up boys. i suck at mafia.

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@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters
insom 1 KrazyKat
krazykat 1 insom

Not Voting


Alive Players - 3

Majority Vote - 2


mark it 0 this a league game smokey