Carbon 14

This is an open setup. Game information and role PMs can be found here

Day will last 48 hours until 2019-04-11T03:30:00Z

Alive players

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@mafiabot vc

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There are unconventional sort of mechanics in this so I encourage everyone to read the setup page

didn't read, not gonna read, vanilla town here dont care about this game

i am not mafia.

i dont like reading setup pages. i will find town and victory.

i meant to say ill find mafia and victory.

If you're town raise your hand


:handshake:me forming a town alliance

Who here is town and who here isn’t town?

nyte is not town.

@mafiabot lynch @Nyte

Wonder if Kyle is going to bitch all game again now

please let's not start. i want to be pleasant with you nyte.

Why would you want to be pleasant with me if you think I’m not town? Why are you lying?

there is a very good reason. please be pleasant.

@yns if you don’t give me all your reads rn ur scum

@mafiabot lynch @Agubar