ched 322'd or something


Lmao this is so sad

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maybe it was about the dc's yesterday

Oh and a good business man doesn’t leak so maybe delete the pic

If there's anyone who should be investigated on suspicion of match fixing it's @Plasma1337 for losing 3v5 yesterday.

thats where they maybe threw or tried to rather


Didn't Haxity draw this for Ched? Correct me if I'm wrong.

those are some sigs

I think he drew that before and then ol chedda cheese came along and he offered it to him for something

Yeah that game they played 3 vs. 5? That was supposed to be a 322. They couldn't even lose on purpose.

apparently 3 members of the team were part of the throw 2 others weren't.

3/5 are banned

So ched, xuan, and one of the latinos are the Chicago black Sox of dota

It's fitting they chose to do it against plasma, as it's probably the only the only team they had good odds of beating and it shows when dnm won by himself

I hope they lost a shit load of money with this botched gambling ruse lol

We are continuing to investigate all the incidents involving these players.

At this time, we are indefinitely suspending xuan, Ched, & Jano from competing in all BTS events.

The other two players, dnm & Wij, are permitted to compete in future BTS tournaments at this time.

It was multiple matches apparently

Dude you guys can make lower bracket

nah moral is low

Who fucking cares I didn’t drop all those #plasmas in bts chat for you guys to not make lower bracket


Lemme hop on a zoom call with the team I’ll get em hype for free

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