Christmas Is Cancelled. Wintermute's Winter Wonderland Mafia Game

We have to save Christmas! Let’s find some grinches.

I don’t think lynching is in the spirit of Christmas

It is where im from

Lynch Lucky

Just like pappy use"ta do it…

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Dang he didnt sign this 1

merry christmas

o wait its canceled rip

thats fine im jewish

we cancelled Christmas

Obvious scumtell

obvious antisemitism

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friend is jewish. jews dont celebrate christmas. christmas is cancelled.


we all know the libs, not the jews, cancelled Christmas

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The jews wouldn’t have cancelled christmas as they rely on it to feed on our rampant consumerism.


Besides you can’t cancel christmas as it lives in our hearts and minds and all of that good stuff.

almsot reacted with a +1 but then remembered thats bannable

Lynch the Jews?

thats a hate crime as of 2 days ago

How I never got that email