Christmas sucks day 2

Bazingaboy died last night, the man didn't even type words, ruthless. Bazinga was the Cop

Alive Players

Majority is 3, day ends in 36 hours or 12/27 midnight est

Lylo fantastic.

Sheep me or lose

@osiris vote @LuckyArtist


Blind faith? Sounds like some commie shit

@osiris vote ewiz

If no one has a claim, I suggest we lynch ewiz.

I predict ewiz will try to fake claim preacher now but clearly he is not that so ye I’m down

@osiris lynch ewiz

@osiris vote ewiz.

I am the fucking preacher and magic clearly just outed himself as the second atheist. Kkat is just dumb. Gg go next

I swear to God if you aren't scum you're fucking awful

Tee hee hee

Get rekt noob

You were very obvious d1. Town just blows

I didn’t even read the game

I legit thought there were 2 scum teams

bro theres like 40 posts in the game relax

By I didn’t read the game I mean I didn’t read the setup

Guess my partner

idk i think i read like the first ten posts day 1. was it kkat