How did Civ6 end up? I never bought it but I feel like finally giving it a go.

I don’t really like it compared to 5, but maybe I’ll give it some time in the future

It may very well be better… eventually.
I haven’t scooped the expansion yet but it took civ 5 2-3 expansions to really flesh it out.
So as it stands theres just more shit in a civ 5+all dlc right this second, with some neat features and QoL stuff in civ 6.

You can play mods multiplayer without jumping through a million hoops in 6 though so thats neat.

Civ 6 is much better with the expansion than without. Netcode is better if you play online often. Still less good than civ 5 imo, but will likely be better after another expansion or two.

Civ was wasn’t that good till the two expos. So I don’t mind waiting.

I played 6 for a bit and had a lot of fun exploring the new mechanics and such but eventually switched back to 5. I’ll give 6 another shot when it’s “done”. When I played 6 pre-expo, it was fairly formulaic and didn’t lend itself to different approaches to the game like 5 did.

yeah pre expansion wide warmonger was like the only viable way to play

I really only enjoy tall. I only play one city challenge in 5.

tbh tall still kinda sucks . its my main issue with 6 too