Civilization VI Free in Epic Games Store.

Is it any good? I haven't played since Civ 4.

Damn they're really going all out

I don't take handouts.

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This is completely unfair to those who already bought Civ 6 like decent hard-working americans.

I'm going to do the responsible thing and buy that so that they can pay their employees during these tough times.

Hahahahahaha just kidding iptorrents hahahaha 6 years ago

Epic made over a billion (with a B) dollars last year selling Fortnight hats.

Bill gates stands to make much more from microchipping the population

maybe i'm stupid but i don't really see a reason to have your own launcher for games? doesn't steam already serve that purpose only they aren't paying people to be on their platform?

what does epic really gain from having 5 games on their launcher? im sure they paid to have GTA/Civ considering those used to be steam games

You are stupid and should be banned

It's alright. The art feels kind of cartoony.

i have the power here. you will respect me or i will give goyclub your steam profile or something and then theyll infect u

Idiot they already have my steam (which I don’t use)

Also fuck u

ill give them ur epic games username

the goys are mine to control now.

I hope you do the ethical thing and ban yourself

You piece of shit

gunna try it ty

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the goys will be paying you a visit. you will not enjoy this.

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