Clairvoyance thread

in light of the recent drama, anyone got the pic of Brandon "Brood_star" bui holding hands with clairvoyance?


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Anyone got the copy pasta about the calibration

clairvoyance has always been a retard. i absolutely hated when he used to cast a buinch and ppl brought him in as an analyst and he never stfu

Do you mean this one?

Or this one

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Wait how did I miss that brood is basically a mini Ho

Is that lust on the end?

Is that also dark falco?

Yeah it's an old post from sunbhie's blog

He's got a picture of fuzzy bear with the DotA tat too

what happened to clairvpyance

He had a bit of a self-righteous/sanctimonious meltdown over not getting paid what he thought he was worth:

esports is so fucking gross look at this shit. somebody please kill it already.

is clairvoyance the boy who cried wolf this time or what

EDIT: ( loomdun not clair)as well as ruining vg.j's chances at progressing at ti (top 8 is still impressive, but what could they have done if he didnt cause a shit storm with illidan)

Wrong person I think

yeah that was loomdun not clairvoyance my b

Can we talk about the theoretical amount of strats these retards (Loomdun and Clairvoyance) took from my postings on nadota? I can tell you the amount is high. Who the fuck would hire those trogs anyway lol.


Yeah i think thats lust. and dark falco

man that pic is epic. can you imagine the ease at which brood_star was shitting on kids with his drow and viper strats?

think the original was pruned off reddit. RIP

gonna take credit for this one buddy?

What exactly did Loomdun accomplish?

Like what is he taking credit for on Tree? Sitting an in offlane and casting armor on his allies? I don't understand the "BREAKTHROUGH"

Also yes PL can jungle with his illusions this has always been a thing.