[CLOSED] Tryhard Anon mafia signups

Can someone kind host a set-up like that?

With a vigi shot that only kills if you guess the poster correctly and yourself if you don't


sounds fun

I can try and host this

Anon sign up to Epok, dan please be very very selective who you let into this game :)

@mafiabot host

No rush on this

@mafiabot slist

Signed Players

Sign the Fuck up you cucks

Very Immature..

I think what were gonna do is everyone needs to pm me their signs and I can sign up all the anons here

3 so far I think?

Ideally 13+, I dunno what im running yet. Signups wont conclude until atleast some time after the current game.

And are we doing the 1shot name guess kill mechanic?

yea we can do 1-shot but if you miss you die

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When you get your anonmafia account make sure to use a different theme than your main so you dont accidentally post from your main


I-I-I’ve never done this before

its very fun when you know everyone

(for if you can guess someones name, if you think theyre scum)

i have 7 signs, 8 including the goy


No goys but dont tell us there's no goys

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