Clown Nine Plus Plus - Day 4

@KrazyKat the Vanilla Townie was found dead.
@sdadasdas the Mafia Roleblocker was found dead.

Day 4 Start

Day will last until 2019-03-13T12:00:00Z or majority vote.

Alive Players


Majority Vote is 3

@mafiabot startday 2986

@mafiabot Lynch @Agubar

Pretty sure he’s the only one who would kill klaze when klaze was a free lynch

If it’s not him it’s probably Dan

Just because Nyte was confused about why klaze kept talking about an sk

Well I thought agubar was the role blocker and Klaze was providing misdirection for him but in sorting through that I realized we couldn’t have a kkat godfather and blocker and no sk because that necessarily meant bazinga was lying. That being said I’m gunna go with bazinga again for the lynch.

Weren’t they saying bazinga has to be pr if it’s sk/RB setup

Bazinga has to be pr if theres sk and vice versa but we didn’t know either way for sure. Now we know based on both kills last night etc

@mafiabot lynch @bazingaboy

puttint my money on either zinga or dan being bad guys

Im not SK. It could be nyte if its not you and it might not be Agubar, but I see Agubar more

Nyte probably wouldnt have killed klaze idk.

Ok so it’s agubar

@mafiabot lynch agubar

I was right about all the mafia reads except gamut ezpz

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Player Lynches
ian Agubar
bazingaboy agubar
Agubar bazingaboy

Not Voting



Or do you guys think klaze voting ian meant ian was SK?

I think klaze found the SK from agubar already. Ill submit my lynch after I check ppl but unless im mistakened the scumteams gone and we should win as long as sks Agubar or whoever we lynch if its not him. Maybe ian? Honestly have had ian as SK in the back of my mind for a while but I wanna check nks first

Also shoutouts to me for finding scum and lynching our doctor

If scumteams not gone nyte would be last but idk I wanna go read klazes posts about the setup to see what he said about potential outcomes and see if it helps

Honestly its a hard read. I just isoed byte and ian, Bytes posts yesterday looked really good but she was pretty filler the days before which is not so great. While I am a bit suss of ian I dont think sk would have as active as he was yesterday, but he was also inactive before that (because of his job?) And he, like nyte, also heavily suspected klaze and mightve been willing to nightkill him. So if its not Agubar I have no clue which one it would be, but Im pretty sure agubars still a good lynch today

Im not going to lynch until Agubar nyte and ian have had a chance to add some discussion

Maybe fuck it nyte pull the trigger or I will after you talk, I just dont like that Agubar is avoiding mentioning SK and said he thinks me and bboy are the bad guys lol