Coffee Thread

Currently have a big stock pile of coffee and I definitely drink 4-5 mugs a day, at least 4 times at week, so I like to have a variety but looking for some new suggestions.

Kicking Horse 454 (Dark/Whole Bean) - 3/5, really strong for sure. Can smell the caffeine brewing from the shower usually.

Fresh Markets 'Summer Coffee (Mocha/Ground) - 3.5/5, can’t beat the price of free because I have a Fresh Market friend. Stuff smells amazing and would probably be delicious with any breakfast pastry.

Cafe Oro (Cafe Molido?) - 4/5, got this from a Honduras market while I was there on a cruise last year. Comes in little cute already-ground packets and I think it’s probably is stronger than the 454. Good for gym days on no breakfast for maximum effort.

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wow thats a lot of coffee.

what do you think about cafe bustelo?

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Should it go on the wishlist? Never tried it

drinking it right now. it’s stronger than any other coffee ive had but its not necessarily super bitter or anything, and its been a gamechanger for my throughput. i dont drink it unless ive gotta get down to work because otherwise i get super strung out

LMAO why is that reaction so huge

i like it but I prefer using their vacpacked grounds for loose iced coffee/cold brew

I drink Lavazza Gran Aroma daily but I gotta get out more and try more local stuff

really wish dabel was here so I can tell him I finally began drinking espresso

honestly ive been really lazy lately and have a few hundred sitting unused on the ole SNAP so ive been gorging myself on starbucks via packets

The only thing I get from Sbux now is the green tea latte.

I got him on steam lemme link Up.

Shit he hasn’t been online in 8 days Gg

i dont go to coffee shops, via is the instant u can buy at the grocers



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holy crap I didn’t even see dans post lmao

whatever, it stays

The house I’m renting a room in has a big wall Miele coffee maker. I’m kind of spoiled. Back to making hero threads and drinking tequila.

Kicking Horse ‘KickAss’ is amazing.

Also, Elevate Smart Coffee is like drinking liquid meth/adderall. I’m not even joking.

take that with an actual chemical noop then youll be cooking with fire, other than that its basically just ur regular caffeine + L-theanine stack with some alpha gpc tossed in, as it stands i already mix powdered l-theanine into my coffee

holy fuck that shits nearly 3 bucks a serving