Cold Showers Thread

About to get into a freezing bath

It's going to be really cold

Wim Hof method

But why?

I stayed in there so long that I was shaking so violently that there was water being whipped everywhere

been there done that, but never intentionally.

It's lit

I once did the opposite. Sit in a super-hot hot tub and then run outside and roll in the snow naked.
That was a real rush.

Scrub that tub bro. U been pissing in the bathtub u fucker?

Well water

I just did 10 rounds of wim Hof and started getting high on oxygen


Holy fuck I actually feel different

The world feels alive

Yeah I have exactly the opposite

I've just been breathing secondhand smoke seeping in through the vents from my neighbor's place and feeling like shit

Just change your physiology

It has health benefits im just too much of a bitch to do it

I actually feel like I have a brand new mindset

outright masochism

We back at it with another cold bath. Second of the day. This one is going to be 10 minutes long

Took another hot shower today.