cpma is free i can post the dl link if anyone needs it

dont need quake 3 or anything its just a mod that improves movement

I know what it is. Although I wouldn’t say “improves” hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Sure link it - I’ll dl if we’re playing that.


I’m still up for HoMM3 by the way; I have all the links and resouces linked here

Oh are we supposed to be taking this e relationship thing seriously? Wait didn’t it end

What’s wrong with Longest Yard Clan Arena?

another heart… broken

Longest yard may not be the most optimal map for clan arena (or anything really; in fact it might just be the worst map ever created), but for our player count it could be alright.

Whose heart?? I need a debriefing

Jones trolled me

How does this make you feel @q0q15? Your whole relationship was a sham, a lie

Other jones.

Community Game Night: Vanilla world of warcraft 1-60 speedrun.

Is your relationship with yourself a sham as well?


Agreed with TF2.

I will pray for you.