Heroes of Might and Magic III

Looking for players.
Gog.com version with HotA mod for simultaneous turns multiplayer, steam version is trash and bad.
You don’t have to buy the game - if you know what I mean. :distracted:

Add me on namafia.com if you want to play.

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Top 10 game of all time :call_me_hand:

I once did coke off a HoMM IV disc, ama

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Did u regret it wasn’t HOMM III?

How bout Might and Magic 6 or 7?

Nah, it was just the only thing close to glass we had in my friend’s apartment

bump. LFG

we should get a huge nadota like 8 player free for all…

Agreed. I talked to nyte about it but she doesn’t have stable internet to play which is really unfortunate. Jones is busy too, I don’t know how many people we can get from this forum but I would really love to play 1 game at least :slight_smile:

If you actually want to play add me on steam and I can help you Install The Game


New Bump. Please play Homm3 with me

Lets play - THIS WEEKEND!

Sounds kind of fun actually. I loved homm3 but multiplayer was tedious since a game could take multiple hours

The new mod that came out last year reduces the games time significantly since it allows players to take simultaneous turns like in Civilization games



Bump. Need +2 for game.
Game size is 1 GB if you want to download and play now Add me on steam or PM me for link

Only need 1 more now.
Players in game currently are @Nmagane @Kaptenrobert @Jones @anon75925521 and @Nyte