Confessions Thread: Toprak Edition

Mindfuck confession 1: Lemon and Robert are funnier than Nmagane

Mindfuck confession 2: Epok is actually the best looking guy in this entire forum.

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Mindfuck confession 3: I always knew I could take Nmagane in a fight but l had my doubts vs Jones.

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Mindfuck confession 4: Osiris was probably not even overweight.

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Mindfuck confession 5: My music taste was the very few creations in this earth that was both gay and based along with Keventalks

Mindfuck confession 6: Stamina maps In osu are cringe.

Mindfuck confession 7: I'm the coldest n1gga alive.

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not really a revelation... I say that myself.

mindfuck toprak's posting these from his mom's phone.

I'm not actually. Got my own phone today.


shaping up to be a good thread

Who's your candidate for best looking poster on the forum?

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mindfuck: rust will lose


The inhouse is bad.

This is a controversial one since Chris and Marski and @thesimplepleasuresofthepoor are major factors on the quality of inhouse.

Also nmagane on a str/universal run at them hero makes it pretty good aswell

Jones favors Chris' playstyle over mine.

Favor? It's simple -- I have a higher win rate with Chris.