Congrats to NAMafia's Minor qualifier

Good job @Sammyboy!

bulba social skills = :see_no_evil:

thanks man appreciate it

just here to defend north american from the euros, the south east Asians, and the south americans. <3


We need to get you a shirt

A box of shirts

Nevermind lol

i have my nadota hoodie im bringing but hopefully we have a sponsor. if we dont def wearing nadota gear or namafia if you guys have it lol.


We don’t but it wouodnt be expensive to get you a nice looking shirt or hoodie, just have to make the logo proper. How soon do you need it by again

How are u gonna win anyrhimg wirhoyt loomdun whispering sweet words in your ears you fraud


i think we leave for Romania on the 7th of January that would be fucking dope if its possible to get a hat or something even and i can use it for wesg too

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i have ixmike how can i lose

Can you tell him to remove the 88

Also I will look around and get back to you soon ty

I feel like a father watching his son go to college

I’m so proud of you sammy!!!

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Remember to bring your hat :)

Please revert to sammywingz or nobleboy or noblewingz


There’s no way they lose with ixmike as a coach.

I think the only reason noblewingZ is qualifying for things now is because nobody cares about this awful game anymore and there’s a lack of quality competition.

Shut up

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He’s their 5