Considering dropping out to be a python programmer

Python? Is that seriously what they teach you kids nowadays?!

What’s your major? Have you considered joining a club?

I knew a guy who was like 8 years older than everyone else in the physics club and he was still chill to hangout with.

Environmental engineering - no

Matt 2.0?

Every time he dropped out he would determine himself to learn some kind of programming language

Just look at him now

Hard to learn to code when you’ve never finished algebra I

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How the fuck are you calling me gay

Waaaaah no one likes me waaaaah I don’t study enough

I have a really good tip dude study more

Actually, no, you see I can’t study more because of my mental illness (disability)

Basically I’m a fucking profoundly differently abled man, and it is not my fault or responsibility

Is that the guy u wanna be

No it isn’t

You can be a successful “software developer” with no math ability whatsoever

Stop gatekeeping

That’s bullshit. You have to have some understanding of linear algebra at the very least

No you don’t

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Shut up, retard

Work on being less wrong