Considering dropping out to be a python programmer

Need a time where i can sit down and think about it clear headed

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Don’t dropping out.


spin around in circles a lot and get real dizzy before making the decision actually

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Think about grad school first

you can’t go to grad school if you play fortnite in class.

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See guys

Im 3 years senior of most people in my class
.im friends with nobody

i study 30 minutes a week

im mentally ill

Thats more than enough studying

I played 100 hours of dota a week in college.

Literally no dude

i have to learn and memorise all these trigonometric / integral functions along with a bunch of limit type of stuff

same with psyhics theres like 40 different fprmjlas every two weeks and on top of it drawing technical frames every week so i can pass another shit class

You’re basically describing exactly how my first year was too - just study before the exam it’s not actually that hard.

For the technical drawing just force through it - you only have to take it for the first year right?

If you drop out though lifting bricks is the most optimal job

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ive got no friends im constantly around people younger than me

And tbe older ones just fuckimg suck

Who cares

I didnt care.

The only reason i liked living this type of life is because i liked doing stuff with people that. İ love

id rather go live as a forest ranger in a hut at thisfucking point dude

Theres nothing to livenfor in my life

Well maybe if you don’t have a supportive group of teamspeak friends like I had, it would be harder.
Hm… Interesting… Hmm… Interesting.



Wow that was very cute