Contacted 2000 sponsors and nothing

It's expensive $50usd for a case and they're like the little coke cans too

Is it carbonated water


Not carbonated, unfortunately actually lol

youre drinking mud water

canned straight from the swamp.

Collect MUD.

Canned MUD Water.

straight from the pyramids, comes out of the sphynx's peepee hole

What is lockdin?

Beverage company. They make fancy water for rich people

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Why is it linked on manny's page?

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nootropics? you're drinking Drugs?

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hell yeah

Nootropics are essential oils for men

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Why can't I create new threads?

Everything in Discourse runs through a Trust Level system, and a almost-brand-new account is TL1. I don't remember why we changed it so you couldn't make a thread but it probably had to do with new accounts spamming threads.

it might be a new feature given the UI on my end lookin funky so I just changed it back fn. You should be able to make threads