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i made that tiktok tomato feta pasta the other day. that was okay

I really recommend this one

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Good thread

thank you, have any recipes?

Mmm nothing you guys wouldn't know

This is what i do for my pasta sallad:

500g pasta i like gnocchi
About 500g thin bacon
About 300g or so of ham that I cut in to cubes
Plum tomatoes or other small variant
About 2/3s of a cucumber
2 large Bell peppers
1 large red onion
Cheap garbage cheese like gouda probably 300 grams or so
300 grams of corn

Bacon and ham goes in to The pan for a nice crisp
And some sort of Light vingar dressing

Not the right pasta but something like this!

I like the pasta:protein ratio

Peperoncini Chicken | Punchfork This comes out real good. Take out the celery and add mushrooms


another great one

that looks fucking amazing, goddamn

a classic

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god i love broccoli rabe when it’s like that (how it looks in pic)